Thursday, January 5, 2012

McDonald Fam Christmas 11 part du'

This is what happens when ya leave Ronnie home to babysit your kid.  I was so proud of this.

Pretty sure that Richael got a little jealous of all the attention I gave brooklynns mohawk so he made his own.

Family is family...and we share underwear when we are in need. Here is Chewy in Kris's high fashion granny pants.  I said...ya its so big you could tuck your sweater in it...and so we did. 

 This is Kris broken finger. Nearly peed my pants laughing every time I saw it.

And here is Dads broken toe.  It can pretty much move around like a pull'n peel twizzler candy.

Here is Chewy in her ugly sweater and the matching ugly Christmas socks I got her for Christmas.  Complete with the eighties ponytail and side laugh. We should have tucked her jeans in.

I put Brooklynn in this oversized oldmans shirt.  Bobo hated it because it makes brooklynn look like a man.

I also gave Brooklynn this African updo. 

So long story short Christmas was fun but the funnest part was reliving my childhood  and playing dressup with dolls.  Except Brooklynn was the doll. 

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Miller Family said...

I can't believe my underwear is now on your blog for all to see! Just wait till you have your first baby. You will WISH you had my undies cause your little vicki's aren't going to hold in the needed diaper!