Sunday, March 30, 2008


SO you would never believe it...but my family actually moved their butts the 800 miles and came to see me this week!! Okay so maybe it wasn't so much to see me as it was to say goodbye to our most lavishly sweet granny. ANyhow, it was is always a grand ol time when the McDonald girls/tomboys get together. Here are a few hightlights.

1.) Bree read in Grannys obituary that grandma did German name extraction...Bree replied in amazment... "I didn't know Grandma knew GERMAN!"

2.) After I told Bree what an idiot she was I told her that Grandma didn't speak Germish...then waited to see if she caught on that Germish was not a word.

3.) Waking up to Kristinas kids at 2, 3 and 6 am. Each time being greatful they weren't my kids.

4.) Throwing my neon filled snot rags in Tasha and Molly's beds without them noticing. The priceless part was the look on their faces when I announced the presence of the snotrags laying amoungst them in the form of the song , " I have a lovely bunch of coconuts."

5.) Watching my Kristina burying fruit at 11pm in Grannys field so that she could have the mason jars.

6.) Dad getting mad at us for staying up too late. So we talking like teenagers on our phones about how young and hip we were and how smart we were for Dad not figuring out that we were textimng each other for the past hour.

7.) Sharing a bed with Chewy and having her body heat literally radiate to me without any surface of my body even touching her.

8.) The stuffed monkey that attacked your face if you weren't paying attention.

9.) Kristina FILLING the back of her van in a SINGLE shopping stop at big lots.

10.) Bree talking in her sleep and her responding "yes" when I said, "
Bree likes it when I fart on her...don't you Bree."

11.)Spending an entire day with Granny Mc without her flipping us off once....or at least not that we saw.

12.) Kristina's amazing CLOGGING AVERAGE for the week: One toilet every two days

13.) Seeing the worst bridesmaids dresses in HISTORY

14.) Laughing because my youngest 16 year old sister is lapping me when it comes to boyfriends..and I am ten years older then her.

15.) The wonder and amazment that came to BOBO and CHEWY's minds as they realized the possibilites of fun that could come to be at the self serve car wash.

16.) Having kids feeding contests with Kristina's kids and shoveling food down their throats as fast as they can chew..or not chew (Bree made Mia gag)

17.) Solidifying a new nickname for Kristinas kid...the name being KID LITTLE (aka Kaylee)

18.) Mia being pure genius at such a young age and licking all the cinnamon sugar off the cereal and then putting it back for her younger sister to eat


JoJoBluBo said...

I only have one question for you...

Why was I not invited?

Miller Family said...

The cloging the toilet wasn't the bad part, the fact that they don't even own a &^%@ plunger now that is the bad part!
I had no idea you made my kids gag. Just wait until she is old enough to know and tell me when you guys are torchering her and not just playing!