Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ronnie brings to life another one of her visions

SO i often come up with ideas that i consider sheer genious..others consider it a lack of sanity. Whatever you consider it, I say it is a MUST in life. My latest vision came to me as I watched college ball and a commercial came on for Toyota with a bunch of grown adults racing BIG WHEELS down a huge hill. I thought this idea was certain to be pure delight and i just had to try it. It was a like a soapbox durby but better! But alas to my miss fortune the Big wheel price has increased as much as gas prices these days. SO as the wheels in my fro head continued to turn I came up with the most excellent replacement! The only problem is that I do not have many friends who want to share in my visionary ways and so I sat on the idea until the perfect person came into town to fulfill the dream....none other then my sister BOBO!!

The ideas consisted of a soapbox contraption made from regular garagehold items and a need for speed!!(see image below)

+The radio flyer acted as a sopabox for two
+The oversized fat kids in the wagon served as speed increasers
+The push brooms acted as brakes
Yes the idea was perfect...but yet there was still something else missing...SAFETY!!

............SO I rounded up some helmets for the 2 of us

.........And i added some emergency parachutes just in case

We thought about taking a test run before we set to the top of the mountain but decided that that illimated the suprise element.

.................BOY were we surprised at how well it worked and how fast it went!!!

But can I just say that we had the time of our life!! It was a blast...and that radio flyer held up like a champ!! I am pretty certain we covered a good 2 or 3 miles straight down hill. And YES, it was dangerous and YES I am aware of the CHANCE of concusions, broken legs arms and teeth...but it is the chances that keep us from living life to the fullest and we were not going to let that stand in our way! For today was the day a vision was brought to life!! For complete footage of the event ask for the video tape footage we took!

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simplysarah said...

Ronnie, you are a NUT. :) And you're back! How was AFRICA???