Thursday, May 8, 2008

THe ol bagg turns 27

Just wanted to be sure to put a shout out to my good bud ER who remembered my birthday and planned the most perfect birthday outing of course involved sports!! That batting cage to be exact!!! So not only did I get to spend my birthday doing what I love most...SPORTS!!! I also got to take out my old age bitty single anger all at the same time!!!

As for the present ER gave me, it wasn't quite as cool. I took a picture of it for memmories sake. Here it is, my BLISTER PRESENT from ER!
Please note....this is not the girl you want to invite to your birthday party....her presents aren't all they are talked up to be.


Shayla said...

so I love reading your blog, have I ever mentioned that? I dont read for weeks at a time, and then when I need a good laugh I get on and pretty much wet myself with every post I catch up on. It's a glorious. thing. p.s. I'm moving to salt lake, can we be friends yet?

MARE-N-ATE said...

Ronnie-I just got caught up on your blog. You are SO funny! I loved your diet/exercise post so much! I am proud to say I live by your same rules (except I do eat salt and vinegar chips).

Camilla Starks said...

I'm slightly ticked...I had no idea that you had a blog and then i get stoddards blog invite and see you rested neatly on the side of her blog! Anyway, I am now here to stay and will check in on you frequently. Check out our blog and read all about little Quincie.

David & Jessica said...

That's right I have a blog now! It's not as exciting as yours, nor will it make you pee your pants like all of yours do but none the less I have one.
When I am feeling blue I read yours and then I am not so blue any more. One of my all time favorite ones is when you plastic wraped yourself and rolled down the hill!