Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So it was about this time last year that I was sitting on the bleacher seats with my friend Apes simply enthrolled in the momment of attending my first DEMOLITION DURBY!!! I was filled with absolute glee. My body shrilled with excitement as I heard the sounds of roaring engines,squeeling tires, busted metal and gobs of mudd. It was my version of a heavenly choir.
Anyhow just as it was coming to a close they announce that any girls who wanted to demolition were welcome to participate for fifty bucks!!! The girls simply paid 50 bucks and finished off any of the cars that could still run and finish them off in what they call a "powder puff round."
I just about flipped my lid with excitment!! I had no idea such a thing exsisted!!! I felt robbed and deprived that I had never known of such an event. I nearly broke down into sobbing tears because I didn't have the money on me to participate...but from the very momment nearly one year ago I SWORE that I would participate in the 2008 Idaho State Fair Demolition Durby!!!!

So my friend...the day is approaching us and I twitch with anticipation every time i think about it...SEPTEMBER 6th 2008..I will be in the drivers seat of a piece of shiz (other then my own) free at the wheel to conquer a field of mudd and metal debris. !!
The invitation is open to anyone interested in attending. But chances are, much like my trick or treating of 2007, I will end up going alone. But I am fine with that, I can not let the opportunity pass or let the dream die.
I have the feeling that this could be the beginning of a GREAT family tradition!!!

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David & Jessica said...

Hey are think there is going to be a durby in Spanish Fork sometime soon and Dave and I want to go so you should come down and come with us! That would be fun to see you again... and maybe you can hope in a car or two... himmmmmm?