Tuesday, July 1, 2008

living quarters africa

SO as part of the African story comes the actual living quarters
HERE is one of the first friends who came to greet us along with his 20 generations of family members throughout the week. ANd ya, that is our kitchen counter he is dancing on.
HERE IS THE BEDS WE SLEPT ON...old hospital mattresses.....i try not to think about the strange types of ooze that they have been soggied with having come from the hospital.
Here is our bathroom...but dont' be decieved...that bath is just for looks,it doesn't actually work..it is just a big fancy drain. Our baths consisted of a bucket of fetched water and a cup. And the sink...it didn't work either...if ya spit in it, it just drained onto the floor below it.

Here I am doing an early morning chore with my broom...sweeping dead roaches. People like to kill them, they don't like doing the dirty work and sweeping their lifeless bodies away for proper roach burial, so I do that part.

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