Friday, October 10, 2008

Another repair for the ol civic

I was recently riding in my blue L.S.S. with my uncle and I told him that I would offer to turn on the heater but it didn't work. Then I proceeded to laugh and I mentioned to him that I figured if I could go my entire life of summers with no A/C then I could handle a winter without heat. He then said something quite prophetic that i had not thought about. He said, " That is not good for your windshield." OH CRAP I exclaimed, i had not even thought about that!! NO heat means NO DEFROST!!! Shoot. So I guess that means i have to get on my grubbies and fix something else. But it is good that i know this now rather then later, when I am driving in the first snow with my head handing out the window!!

So then I got on line trying to find how I was going to fix my problem when I came across a civic forum. As I was scrolling through I laughed when I came across a kid who posted that he wanted to sell the piecer that his parents had given him for his 16th birthday.
IN response this is what some guy wrote and I laughed so hard when I read it!!!( swear words have been appropriate replaced with close replicas)

"When i hate my car i just remember this is my car only mine i put the blood sweat and tears into it. OH WAIT YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT FEELING! Dont complain. I wish i got a brand new car for free when i was a 16 year old. I worked for my used lil ride saved up and got her at 15. And being a worker my wholelife i know NO WAY IN HELL can you bother saying you earned it all your self.Little whiny crapper like you make me laugh cause your daddys probably so deep in debt trying to keep up with the Jones that you going to pay for his retirement!!"

I LOVE this guy..wonder if he is single. LOL

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simplysarah said...

Heck, my parents gave me a car when I was like 17 and I have NO REGRETS and NO COMPLAINTS about their generosity. It cost them like a mere $700, which I consider a worthy investment in their daughter's independence. It in no way made me more likely to depend on them for my future transportation.

Heck no. I'm proud to say I didn't even think of asking for their help when I bought my sweet little 96 honda all by myself. I've spent hundreds on replacement parts all by myself. I've replaced her transmission with my own money. I've bought 2 mufflers...with my own money. I've also survived two summers without A/C...

You think I don't know how to work because my parents bought me a car? Ha. All I DO is work to keep this baby running....:)