Monday, October 13, 2008


Here is ME and the staircase that took the last month of my life. After being laid up for a week post surgery I was a little excited to me on my feet again. So excited that I couldn't pass the opportunity to slide down THIS staircase one night...only to be followed by a crash and burn desent. I was bookin it so darn fast that I bailed early...about 5 steps early. And trying to land on stairs at excessive speeds has yet to be perfected by any human being...especially me.

So after landing and hearing my ankle crunch like a bag o chips under a mattress I rolled down the last few steps and accepted my fate.

HEre I am supermodelposing by the water side with my sexy fat ankle.

Needless to say this fat ankle ment me being gimp on my vacation, missing a soccor game, attending church with a huge fat dinosauritis sized ankle and weeks without being able to go for my sanity runs, and a flat tire on my new mountain bike!! Yes this ankle of fat is nothing but trouble and I am not too happy about my mobolization lacking. Luckily is is getting better but I always have to wrap it and that makes me feel old. And i hate feeling old. Coming to glimpse with your true bodies lack of youth is my least favorite thing to do.


Shayla said...

believe me kids, her ankle was FAT. I think in that picture it lost 10 lbs...'cause it's a lot fatter than it looked there. BLECH.

simplysarah said...

Ronnie, you are old.

Miller Family said...

I can't wait until you are pregnant. What kind of story, picture and play by play will you offer up for your fat nasty ankles then? um let me see if I can quote you directly. "and when you do get pregnant, I hope that your ankles swell huge, swell like marshmallows in the microwave."