Saturday, April 25, 2009


It Started as an IDEA.......

........NOW IT ACTUALLY EXSISTS!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...I Bring you the one and only...the original...SCOOTER GANG!!
Established 2009 in the living room of our murray home
Must be a current enrolled member to participate.
Must own razor scooter.
Must pass initiation
Must pass credit check
Must have access to large amounts of food
Must not cry
Benefits of joining:
Improved cardio, better muscle tone, gaurenteed better looking butt in your swimsuit

1 comment:

Jillian said...

Perk number four, five and six:
Honks from crazies while scooting down State Street, get a tan while getting in shape, and potential for laughing at Jillian when she has the first casualty crash. You know it will happen to me... better hope I don't take you down with me. I am an accident waiting to happen on those things.

And, next time we have a photo shoot, lets do it on a day I actually decide it would be worth it to get ready????