Friday, May 1, 2009


SO I just have to warn ya...this is NOT an exciting blog in any way. But with my renewed singleness I have found time to complete a ton of projects that I wanted to do or just started and not finished.

HERE IS MY TABLE CLOTH for the goal is to sew a table runner or cloth for all the seasons. My aunt had seasonal table cloths at her house and I just LOVED it!

Here is an accent pillow I made too. Thanks to the roomie Jillian she gave me the idea to sew a couple of placemats that i didn't like together to make this little dilly.

This is my grandmas trunk.. I coveted it for years and she gave it to me. I love this antique trunk. It was at my parents forever and now I have it again in my possession..thanks to Kris. Now I just need to make a nice liner for it.

This is my next project...stole it from my friend Kris. The pic isn't very good but it is super cute, recipe holder.


simplysarah said...

You domestic goddess you!!! Love your cute ideas.

Miller Family said...

so yes, and the um placemats for the pillow, also a donation from your rockin sister. :) what can I say? And not only did I haul the trunk, I gave my blood and maybe some tetnis for the *&^%$ thing!

loves! :)