Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demolicious Derby

So last weekend we made it to one of my fav events of the year...the BLACKFOOT DEMOLITION DERBY!!! Ya that is right, drive all the way to blackfoot idaho because it is the BEST derby. Here is a little message Chewy and I made on the fridge before we left to pick up good ol Apes.

It is a dream of mine to one day drive my own derby car and this arena will be it's final resting place. Here is just a small sample of what there is to all a wreck everywhere and radiators blowing in every direction you look. It is a beautyfull thing.

Now how does this picture play into the role you ask? Well let me address that here
Chewy had a runny nose that suddenly took off from a run to a sprint in the car. We were in emergent circumstances. We had no kleenex of paper of sorts so I quickly grabbed the quickest rational thing for her to blow her nose into......A TRISCUIT! That is right...I made her blow her nose into a triscuit....made perfect sense to me. You can throw a biodegradable triscuit out the window when done but ya can't do that with a kleenex. There was some reluctance on her part and there was some demanding on my part... but all and all it turned out good.


Miller Family said...

Next time you need a stick - I am handing you a triscut. Same reasons.

RONNIE said...

oh dear....oh dear...that puts a whole new perspective on things LOL.