Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beloved Boat

This was our beloved boat..she served up so many good family memmories. Here are a few to list
"Yer burning daylight", Kristinas huge rope burn leg scar, countless air times and whiplashes, me drivin behind it in a car with only my permit to avoid being pulled over for expired license plates, the boat sherriff always pulling us over cuz we took it out when we were only 16, Dad s
arm being shredded to pieces, learning to sauder with Kris, being able to turn any boy into a wussy via tube wars, Waxing the bottom so we would go faster, me dropping the van keys off the dock into the lake, being stranded in the middle of the lake and paddling in with skis, learning to ski, tubin in freezing water or rain, "hammer time" and of COURSE the Many Many Many times we put it in the water without the plug!!!

1 comment:

Miller Family said...

love it, I nee that PIC PLEASE!

I think there was reallly only 1 time with out the plug. But many times that the new plug we bought her popped out! :)

And it wasn't for expired plates, it was for tail lights that didn't all work. )