Sunday, April 18, 2010


SO this is what I spent my birthday doing...driving behind this for 15 hours from WA to Utah. It seemed like a crappy thing but in reality it was a good thing for the following reasons...

1. I got the ride with Chewy the entire time
2. I didn't have to actually drive the truck that pulled her (thanks Andyroo)
3. I only paid for half of the gas (thanks Andyroo and BOBO)
4. The trailer tire went flat just an hour after dropping Lucille off (sorry Andyroo)
5. We had at least 3lbs of gummy treats to occupy the day with
6. I got to look at he sexy back of my car for 15 hours and think "H she a hot did I ever get so lucky?"

ALSO I have to mention the most wonderfully delicous steaks that my Dad treats me to every time i come to visit. Mouth watering indeed!!

I also got to thank Dad for spending a day taking the gas tank off Lucille so that we could empty all the old gas out....of which there were some spots on the driveway which fell victim to its seal eating properties. (sorry dad)

Then there is Chewy as well who helped me vaccum out Lucille and get her ready for her new home. Chewy has prooved her love to Lucille by way of vaccuming out notorious mouse housing in the trunk on more than one occasion. (thanks Chewy)

Now I have to mention Ma. Although she has been known to have some tiffs with Lucille it was when Lucille pulled out that Ma cried. Apparently they had bonded and mended wounds over the years. It took Lucille leaving for Ma to realize just what her garage will be lacking without her.

So I am happy to report that Lucille is finally home with me and I still get giddy at the sound of her engine reving. My new roommates have been very accepting of Lucille and I am grateful for that as well. It is great to have her in my arms again...but I gotta admit.... going home made me miss Washington. The beauty is astounding and it takes my breath away every time I think of how lucky I was to grow up in such a place.


Miller Family said...

Ma was crying at the joyful thought of not scraping off ice or freezing her )(& off because she is now able to park in her OWN garage.

Maybe she is also a little afraid that now that you have Lucille - you have less of a need for a man. She serves most of those "needs" - maybe you are a lesbian! :) LOL! Just kidding about the last - I know April is the only one for you!

Miller Family said...

Now think you need a lesbian post to explain it all :)

RONNIE said...

Why thank you Kris..can always count on you. Long story short .... my Dad was all worried I had gone Lesbo because Apes was scratching my back in church. Ridiculous.