Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trends I Hate in the blog world

So while I am in the blogging mood can I just say there are some "all the rave" trends out there that I keep running into and it makes me SICK..I just wanna gagg.

1.) Bird nests...seriously people. These are the things that grandmas keep on their window seals only to collect massive amounts of cob webs and dust. SIck
2.) Dishes hung on the wall. If that is the best thing you have to decorate your wall...just leave it looks way better. No wall is small enough to have a dish or few as a centerpiece
3.) Little ceramic birds...again...Ceramics...they say grandma all over them..They AREN'T cute. YOu can go to ANY second hand store and see hundreds upon hundreds of ceramic trinkets. And it is for a reason...nobody likes them for long.
4.) Seashells...HATE sea shells for decoration.
5.)All these trinkets and jewelery with names on them...don't buy it.
6.) Lastly...please...if you want to show off your newest decorated room or new bedding that you just sewed...DON'T show a picture with your CAT in it. It makes me cringe and rather than see a nice new project gone perfectly...I see hairballs and the smell of a litterbox close by. Suddenly your project is not a great thing anymore.

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Miller Family said...

oddly enough you put that you like a Christmas counter made out of a CUPCAKE TIN that was hung on a wall.

I have seen some WAY cute plates with ribbon hung on a wall and I like them.

Your baking dish on the wall I don't like :)