Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of my favorite memmories of lucille was a conversation that I had with Chewy I believe it was.

The conversation was about Lucilles ability to consume gas and spit it out her back side about as fast as I can put it in. It probably started in response to recent running out of gas episode that had occured. (I have ran Lucille out of gas twice).

It went something like this

CHEWY; "You sure go through a lot of gas in Lucille. That has got to be expensive."

MY RESPONSE: Actually.. it is not that bad. I mean sure she is a V8 and she uses a lot of gas, but she also much longer than other she gets there sooner than they it really doesn't use as much gas. Have you ever thought of that?

She sat quiet in ponderance for a few minutes.

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Miller Family said...

you will so mess up your kids someday.