Monday, November 1, 2010

October Recap

Threw some quick outfits together for Halloween this year. I was all excited for a top secret outfit to wear but a week b4 I saw the preview for the office and they STOLE my idea!! I was goin to do popeye and olive oil but due to network publication ruining my planI had to come up with a quick something else. Here is what i threw together.

Richael was a good sport. I am sure he wasn't too kean on dressing up but tolerated my dressing him while he was watching his beloved football game.

I settled on a quick Marge and Homer on a small fixed budget. Please note the blue leg hairs marge has (thanks chewy).

And here is Shaylas perfect I just had to throw a picture in of it!!

And of course our pumpkins. Its not halloween without pumpkins. Mine started gettin old quick so it looks all gummy and geriatric.


Shayla said...

Yay I made the blog!

RONNIE said...

ya but you couldn't be recognized by the picture. Now that you have identified yourself I am kinda embarassed and will have to take it down.