Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegas Ragnar

So I did the vegas ragnar this year. I heard so many people talkin about how fun the ragnars are that i just had to do one. SO when my vegas friend mentioned she was doing a team I invited myself onto her team.

Here i am striking a pose while running my last leg....6.7 miles!! Note: It sucks to have your last let be your longest cuz you are runnin on NO sleep...okay 3 hours.

Here I am running my other leg...a much fresher, cleaner me....b4 I got buff chaffe'.

Here is another beautiful team picture.

Teams decorate their vans and I just had to get pictures o this teams vans because they were sooooo funny.

They call themselves the running impaired. I was amazed at how good o shape some o the older people were. I had 3 significantly older men pass me along the run. I tried blocking 2 of them and the other one I just called a punk. It was not good for my ego but it kept me going.

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