Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the season

With black friday approachin and Christmas toy commercials flooding the tv I just couldn't help but remember the toys that I saw on TV during this time and just HAD TO HAVE!! Those toys that I still remember seeing as a kid on the commercials and just hoping and prayin Santa would bring it. The ones I still remember over twenty years later. Here they are.
Barbie and the Rockers. LOVED this barbie. I got her and loved her frizzy hair, her white leather skirt and Derek her boyfriend.

This was the first doll I had EVER seen on tv that could WALK!! Cricket was her name. Both Kristina and I were amazed with this doll and just had to have it. I also remember my Dad mentioning how many batteries (like 8 D batteries) it took to run and the chance of us gettin it was slim. (o course this was the ONLY toy I actually remember my Dad not endorsing us having he loved Christmas and spoilin us).

Then there was heart to heart barbie. The barbie I saw on the commercials and wanted more than you would ever know. I just knew Santa would get it for me. It really was the ONE thing that I really really wanted for Christmas. However, on Christmas morn I was shocked to find that I didn't get it. However I did get a peaches and cream barbie. I am sure my parents thought it wouldn't matter and I would forget....but that is not true. I liked my peaches and cream barbie but I still wanted heart and heart barbie and it killed me any time i saw her on t.v. I can still hear little pieces of the advertisement jingle in my head. That commercial captivated me. Wish I could find that commercial I swear I would go straight back to being 6 again and just knowing that all happiness would be found in dressin my barbie in that big fluffy gown of hearts. She would be the envy of all th barbies.

Then there was the ULTIMATE toy!! Buzzy the Cookie cutter. I wanted this little Buzzie so so so bad and I was thrilled for Christmas to come so I could carve cookies and have unlimited fun with his cookie cutting abilities....however I was sadly disappointed when I didn't find him that morn. He was the "tickle me Elmo" of my time. My parents went to store after store after store after store tryin to find buzzy and could not find him ANYHWERE!!!!! I was really truely sad. However I did get a note from santa explaining things. I don't remember what thte note said but it explained that he tried and he was sorry. The good news is, I did get Buzzy eventually. I don't remember when or how but I did get him later.
And here he is in all his glory.

SO the moral of the story for all you parents out there. You may think that your kids will forget the toy that they always wanted for Christmas...but they won't. And you can think that another replacement will be just as great...but it won't. So if there is a toy your kids keep talkin about...get it..they will remember.

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