Saturday, August 6, 2011

welcome to living with ronnie

Standing in the airport on our flight home from the honeymoon. I am standing in line and I am rather obvious because I am the only one standing in line doing full
body stretches, lunges etc before I board the plane.
A lady I have never met before comes up to me and says,"Do you have some toiliet paper"
I think this is the strangest thing for her to be asking me for toiliet paper in the middle of the airport. So I say to her, "excuse me?"
She gets a little closer to my face and says, " I don't mean to embarass you, but you have toilet paper hanging from your pants." At this point I realized she was never asking me for toilet paper but telling me that I had some..hanging...from my pants.

Richael does a check for me and sure enough he pulls a few sqaures of toilet paper out o the back of my pants. I start busting up laughing. This is my life..these are the kind of things that happen to me. And now Richael has to take part in the embarassment. I just can't stop laughing at the thought of me stretching in line with a tail o toilet paper waving in the wind behind me.


I continue to laugh as we board the plane and Richael says to me...there is probably more..I just pulled what I could and it broke off. So I went a digging and pulled MORE toilet roll from my pants...still laughing. NOt sure where to put I saved it so I could take a picture.

Most people would be MORTIFIED at this...but this sort of thing is not so bad for me. I once had a toilet seat liner hanging from my pants. This was so much better. lol.

I hope people didn't notice it flapping from my back when I passed gas...THAT would be embarassing. lol.


Shayla said...

oh. my. heck.
that is awesome.

Miller Family said...

nice. :) at least the lady had the guts to tell you! I bet Richael saw it way before and didn't say a thing to get back at you for something you surely did!

Ashlee said...

Ronnie- I LOVE it!!! I laughed out loud...for a long time....and then continued to smile :)