Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Two bands that I HEART HEART HEART enough to blog about at 5am...

The first is one o my favorite singers...MIRANDA LAMBERT who joined forced with Ashley Monroe and another girl. Ashleys voice is gorgeous and like no other very airy sweet twang. She did a duet with Ronnie Dunn a few years back (which just goes to show how good she is). Anyhow...Miranda pulled these girls together to to form the group PISTOL ANNIES. They blend so well and of course any song by Miranda has got just enough girl sass and their first song is called "hell on heels."

The second band is a guy and girl called Civil Wars and their voices blend so beautifully. They show how much inflection can have effect in a song in their song Barton Hollow. I am addicted to listening to this song. This song is also way old school country haunting but a great upbeat background.

Perhaps I will get savy enough to update videos...but you can't just copy paste a link anymore apparently. Sorry. I guess the only good news is that you can still copy paste the pictures!! But believe me...they are so worth looking up. CMT.COM is a quick reference to use. AMAZING!!!

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