Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It finally happened!!

As I am sure you already heard from fbook...we got the house!! yahoo!! Super excited. Here are a few pictures from the posting so you can see the inside/yard. So we really are blessed to get this house and it is really cool how things have fallen into place for us and how all the times that things seemed to go wrong on our house hunt turned out to be in our favor in the end.
For example.  We went through three agents and couldn't find one so we just decided to do the work ourselves out of frustration.  That made the selling agent really want to work with us and get our offer in because he makes a better profit.

We called on just the right day.  There was already an offer the bank had accepted but the guy who made the offer couldn't get the financing so the house was on the market again. We called on the house the next day and made our offer the same so that we could avoid going through the entire process again and pretty much just pickup where the last guy left off. This made our short sale about a month long process rather than 4-6 months.

Getting finanacing was a pain and we had to completely start over at square one when we didn't find a house withing the first few months. But we acutally ended up using anther finance company and ended up getting a better rate because of it!
(Please note this kitchen has a dishwasher...big improvement from my last one!)

From Jan to April we practiced living off just my paycheck and putting ALL of Richaels into savings.  This helped us budget out better and we were able to save more for our downpayment and afford a nicer home. And wouldn't you know that Richael is currently out of work but we are not even worried because we planned for hard times and we know that we can live off my income for now because we have been doing it for months.  

 The house has an unfinshed basement so we only have what we need now and it leaves room for us to grow.  Currently 2bed 2bath but can grow into a 4bed  3 bath. And lucky for us, Richael has done remodeling and sheetrock before. So we should be able to finish our basement at a fraction of the price.
Our goal was to have our house payment  about the same as our current rent payment and we were able to do that with this house.  Such a blessing .

We were about to say our night prayers on Monday night this was the conversation

Richael: Your turn to pray. And this time can you do it with the same amount of faith that I put into my prayers?
Ronnie: What is that supposed to mean?
Richael: Well on Sunday night I prayed that the bank would get back to us and on Monday and that is exactly what happened. That is called faith.
Ronnie: Oh BLAH!

And of course the most exciting part of it all is that I MIGHT be able to get a garden in in time and I most CERTAINLY WILL get my hammock up.


Ashlee said...

So stinkin' exciting!!!! Congrats! Can't wait to visit :)

RONNIE said...

Ya. you must visit...and perhaps even STAY in utah this time?