Saturday, May 5, 2012

A whole lotta nothing

Feel like I should blog. Not that I have much to say but here is a little update on my whole lotta nothing. Long story short...put offer on house. Agent tells us that price is already pre approved so it should move throught very quickly... "by next week" and then a week goes by. "By next week" another week goes by. "In a couple of days" another week goes by. And here we stand ...still in our little rat cave. Our current place is not that bad at all, but since we have seen what we could have and we have tasted the sweet we tend to think of it as bitter. I am chompin at the bit to have a yard, to plant a garden, to plant flowers, to put up my hammock. (I know the story gets sadder and sadder). Have I mentioned how much I want a dishwasher or to have actual sunlight penetrate my windows instead of looking out to see asphalt driveway above me? But on a good note...Richael has finished another semester of school! Yahoo! Only 4 more years to go. I know that seems long but in the grand scheme of things it is a beautiful thing! We are really hoping that by next summer he can have an intership in his field. I am just realizing that as I type this information the heading that this is all typed under is entitled "A Whole lotta nothing." and i just want to emphasize that that does not pertain to Richael and his current schooling status. Poor Richaels school status just happened to follow my recent rambling post.

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