Saturday, May 5, 2012

Textured wall paper

My sister called and wanted me to buy a house so we could split the cost on wallpaper. I thanked her for the kind rudeness of her reminder of my lack of home. Then I was totally offended that she would think I would EVER consider wallpaper. Then she told me about 20 min worth of why this wallpaper was worth it. I probably listened for half the time and then said...ah NO THANKS.
But today I googled it and WOW! She had told me it was painted to look like the real thing...but she did not mention it was TEXTURED. I am a TEXTURE FREAK!!! So ya..its TEXTURED wallpaper to mimick beadboard or whatever. Good ol martha stewart collection. Anyhow just had to share. (not sure if above pic is marthas work but the below is)
The combination of the possibilities and the affordability are KILLING ME!! If only I could have a place to do this for myself.

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