Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank Goodness Valentines Day is OVER!!!

THANK goodness Valentines day is OVER!!!! Hurrah, that means I don't have to go through another 24 hour day where I doubt my attractiveness, sending my ego on a grinding ride DOWN Mt. Everest.
But Can I just share with you yet another Valentines day for the books.....
I was sick...recovering from a sinus infection. Decided last minute to go to the movies with my friends...only to be the last to buy my ticket. Since I bought my ticket after all my friends I had to sit alone...and I was fine with that. Right up until my movie buddies made their appearance and I found myself sitting BETWEEN 2 couples...on valentines the movies.

I sagged in my seat in embarrassement at my very obviously pathetic perdicament. I thought maybe I could get a seat with a guy next to me making it appear that someone elses boyfriend was mine instead. But of course my plan worked to no avail... I was plopped between 2 girls, both of their boyfriends on the outside seats. Both girls leaned their heads on their boyfriends shoulders like 2 flowers growing toward the sunlight that cast through windows....both windows AWAY from me. THen there was my big fro head....standing alone....very apparently alone....quite pathetically alone I was like a skunk on a breezy day....everyone was as far away from me as they could possibly be without raising both cheeks off their movie seat. I was quite the momment. Can I just say that it must be miserable to be a 3rd wheel on Valentines day...but that night i topped the chart...because I was the 5th Wheel this Valentines day. IT was quite the momment my friends...quite the momment.LOL . Stay tuned for next years adventures!!!

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simplysarah said...

Hey, you don't have to be alone again. I'm offering now to be your V-day date next year. In a sisterly way.