Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The not so great Vacation

So I went to visit the sis in Pheonix last month, she finally talked me into it. I also went to see the kids. I figured it was a good getaway and I needed one. We had lots of fun together, but mostly we just overloaded on sugar and let our pancrease and kidneys do all the work.

Here is Mia engaged in her Oreo supplement.
Here is Mia engaged in her Oreo supplement
Here is Kaylee ENGORGED in her Oreo cookie goodness
...everything seemed just fine and dandy right up until things make a turn for the worst....and they did...see picture below...

Here is Mia oreo.... and the vomiting continued past this point into the next few days and onto the younger sister Kaylee. It made the quite the adventure just never new what was coming at you or in what form! So this shout goes out to KRIS, thanks for inviting me up to get sick and help you clean up your kids upchuckedness. I hope it ment as much to you as it did to me.

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