Monday, February 25, 2008

THe Christmas Card are sent...and its FEBRUARY

I know it is ridiculous, but when I set my mind to doing something I ALWAYS get it done. Perhaps not in the most timely manner but it does get done.
I actually had my Christmas cards all addressed and written in November but then they got put on hold because I wanted to make a really cool Calvin and Hobbes SNOW SHARK snowman like the one below for my picture.

That obviously didn't work. I did make an attempt...twice but the first time the snow was not cooperative and the second time just didn't look anything like the drawing no matter how hard I tried. So then I decided I couldn't just send a boring card with not picture.....and so the task got pushed to the side and before i knew it I had a stack of Christmas cards all ready to go and Christmas was well past.
ANyhoo, I just have to say that I finally got my Christmas cards sent this week. And since it is mid-February I put a little note inside each one that read a little something like this.

DISCLAIMER::: Despite how embarrassing it is to me
That I am sending out this Christmas card in the middle of February.
I want you to know that I love and miss ya….(although it is at
The expense of me being labeled an idiot)..I vowed to get these out.
So here it is….in the middle of Februray..nearly March…
A Christmas card for you!!. So please consider me
Degrading my social character, as a sign of my love for you!!

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simplysarah said...

I better get one of those cards, or I will not talk to you for a month.