Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gingerbread Barn

Every year CHEWY goes to this great gingerbread making house party with her friends that I am never invited to. Now you may think that I am not invited because I am ten years older then them, but that is not true....the real reason is because they don't want me showing them up. So there is usually a day in December where I sit alone at a table for hours making a most spendid masterpiece. I love those hours of creation. They are great. I can goes hours without talking to anyone...just me and my graham crackers is all I need. While it is against most everything I know, somehow it feels right to watch ample amounts of sugar go to waste before my very eyes and then thrown away just a month later. I think i justify it because I know that I can get that sense of defeat when I show CHEWY how much better my house is then hers!! The way she looks at the floor in disappointment of herself and then gazes at her now ugly gingerbread house is priceless!! So this year I had my OWN gingerbread party. And what can I say folks....I did it again....PERFECTION....presenting the GINGERBREAD BARN....complete with Crop Circle!!

I thin

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Miller Family said...

yes you are thin. But kinda were to put that right here don't ya think?