Thursday, May 8, 2008


Unfortunate for Brook, she fell down the very hole that the Blue L.S.S. did...this is what I saw...right before I peed my pants laughing. Yes, at the age o 26 I peed my pants laughing. Brook didnt think it was so funny.

HEre is another picture o Brook down...searching for her shoe as she swam through mudd.

I just couldn't get enough of these pictures..can ya tell. So here is another of Brook looking for her shoe while everyone takes pictures rather then helping her.

Here is the lucky plunge just before she found her shoe!!

A smile finally fills Brooks face as she retrieves her mudd stained 20 lbs. heavier.
PS Anyone who is friends with Brook I recommend you click/enlarge the pictures...her facial expressions are priceless!!
So Brook felt that she needed to seek revenge and let out all her anger so she drug her shoe across the back of my car in the form of a poo streak. I didn't care much. I have seen much bigger poo streaks on the hospital beds.

We knew it was a bachelorette party but we didn't know Brook was providing the strippin until she went streaking across the kitchen in her whitee tightees. It was quite the party.


Brookie said...

That couldn't possibly be me...I spell my name with an E!!!

Jourdan said...

It's against her religion to spell names correctly. No offense Brooke, honest.