Thursday, May 8, 2008

DIRECTIONS??? Who needs'um

Long story short...on our way to Bachelorette party. Mel says go right instead of left and my car suddenly sinks on one side like a it's legs were pulled out from underneath it. Crap I shout and here is what we saw....Mel laughed...I did time.

So of course nobody at the party answers their phones so me and MEl trek our way into the cabin via foot and leave the Blue L.S.S. to the car eating road. When we got there I got three trusty helpers.

Sure they are cute, but I never guessed they would be able to pull Blue L.S.S. out of her perdicament. So I asked them to bring a they did.....and that was when it broke.

So as you can tell, all the stars we aligning for me. I started wondering it I really wanted to spend money towing Blue L.S.S. out. I thought maybe I would just leave her there to die in piece...and be consumed by the mudd road rather then tow her off in pieces. But much to my surprise...they pushed her right out!!! Unfortanetly, during this process Brook fell right in!!

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