Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't diet, exercise instead

SInce it is swimsuit season...and since it seems that all the cool "mom" thing to do is to blog about diets and eating I thought I would throw out a few of my own food consuming techniques that I live by. Not that I am a Mom, more so that I can fit in and conversate with those of my own age category.
1.) I never eat anything if the first listed ingredient is high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup....unless it is a cinnamon gummy bear, a chocolate covered cinnamon bear, a gummy peach or a gummy worm.
2.) If I decided to eat a whole candy bar just before bed, I have to do a mile or two on the treadmill before I can go to bed.
3.) If I eat a lot of sugar, I overdose on water. I like to believe that it waters down the sugar and I pee more of the sugar out then I actually digest and store. (of course I LIKE to believe this...but we all know it is not true by the bounce in the rear of my walk). But in all seriousness...when a patients K is too high, we just dilute it why not do the same with other excesses.
4.) Before a good run or a good workout..BINGE. I always binge before I run...or the entire DAY when I know I am going to run that night. Because I love my junk food and so if I plan accordingly I can eat it with only minor caloric body depositing.

5.) I punishment affixed it I totally overdose on junk food. I have a mental talk in my head and I make a promise to my mental self right before I eat my third or fourth candybar, that if I eat it...I have to go running. That way before i eat the junk I carefully consider the consequeces and accept them as part of the pleasure to the sugar sensation.
6.) ALways have healthy snacks on hand. Granola bars, almonds, water, fruit leather etc
7.) Cut the soda. It's not that good anyways. Water tastes so much better and it doesn't leave that nasty sandy plaque on the teeth. Potatoe chips taste crappy too...don't eat them.
8.) Weigh your options...either you can eat a ton and exercise it off and still have a bundle of endorphines to enjoy afterwards
you can diet...think about food all day and what you are missing and live miserably.


Jourdan said...

You always make fun of me so gracefully. :)

I like your diet plan much better!

simplysarah said...

I thought it was HILARIOUS reading this that you mentioned eating three or four candybars and then running, because I just barely wrote about someone else who did that same thing!

Seriously, how random that we both had the same thing on our minds....