Tuesday, September 2, 2008

O the lost journal entries and what they reveal

So I had to laugh and say a prayer of thanks that I didn't get married young because as I was reading an old journal, I came across this little entry entitled something to the sort of " WHAT I NEED IN A BOYFRIEND." So here it is, my list when I was 16 of what I was looking for and thank goodness I didn't find it.
1. SKater type boy
2. In a PUnk band
3. Tattoo on deltoid
4. Earing on eyebrow or lip
5. Going to college
6. Six pack abs
In short...this is what I was looking for


Rowdy said...

well I made two out of six. sixteen year old ronnie wouldn't have liked me very much.

RONNIE said...

Ya well the old RONNIE doesn;t like you much either cuz you don;t update your blog and entertain me at work.

MARE-N-ATE said...

I am dying laughing about the comment you left on my blog!!! You are too funny! As for the "list", a tatt on the deltoid???? You really knew what you were looking for!!

simplysarah said...

Don't lie; you wrote that list last week.