Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh the things we say...and i am so clever

I have my days I admit it. Where i have given up on love and finding the "oh so special person" that you can't imagine ever loving because you already hate them for not finding you sooner. And the other day I was having such one of these days and I just came up with this clever little comment I just had to record. I was talkin to my friend ERIN.
ME: Ya well when I get married, I mean IF I get married then bla bla bla (can't remember what I said).
ERIN: What do you mean IF you get married?
ME: I mean IF Erin! I mean just what I said! History has a tendency to repeat itself and I am already 27 years into it. If it repeates itself again chances don't look so good, I will be 57!!


simplysarah said...

Do you mean 54?

I'm glad you understand history...even if you don't understand math....

RONNIE said...

yer a butt and i love it