Friday, September 12, 2008


Most the time when you see girls of my age in a bed like this it is because they just had a baby. Well, not the case here I am far from that, I haven't even made out in years (not so interesting nor surprising sidenote).
But what is the case is that i finally had sinus surgery! A much needed fix to my every other month misery of suffering from sinus infections. They basically go in my nose via port of my nostrils and burrow our my sinuses and then take out my crooked septum and crush it down to make it straight and put it back in. I highly recommend youtube for a full length video so that you feel really sorry for me and send chocolate. Anyways, here is what I did this week.

Recovery could have been worse but it is miserable for sure. My face felt like a train wreck. Dry blood and metal plates crammed up in my nose. I haven't been able to breath through it. My face got all swollen along with my nose. And I am pretty sure you could turn a semi truck around on top of my nose today. Needless to say no public appearances for now, and if you do see me you can bet I will run away ...or just pull my shirt over my head.


Jourdan said...

oh man, that sucks. (pun intended)

And too bad I just ate my last 7 dark chocolate Dove squares or they'd be headed right your way. It's the thought that counts, remember?

Ashlee said...

Sad! My sister had that surgery and it is horrible! I hope you recover somewhat quickly! But there is hope-it did slow down her sinus infections!!! Good luck:)

Kristin Garlick said...

Oh poor Ronnie! That looks absolutely horrible!!! Hope you are recovering!