Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THE Raftin trip from 2 months ago!!

HERE IS THE GROUP OF US..IT was SO fun..please notice that the majority of us are sopping wet.
And here is sara post falling out. The entire raft of people fell out and we all hung onto the raft or climbed in. Sara however swam for shore and we had to paddle back to shore, send Tara to retrieve her and bring her back to the raft.
HEre is a bug that was in my hair when I was sleepin
AND HERE is a very interesting way to sunbath...brought to us by sara...strange girl....I didn't invite her.
HEre is the raft that we had to put top the car when our truck keys were lost
HEre is the view from the windsheild after we put the raft on....like looking through a peep hole!
So I WOULD have had these pics up sooner, but a certain someone found a boytoy and has just recently (after much announance by myself) sent these pics from the trip. SO here are the ones that I have. NO hard feelings unnamed person I will call ERICKA for purposes of concealing identities.

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simplysarah said...

I don't know what you are talking about, that sunbather is HOT!!!

And don't lie. That picture of me sopping wet was taken when NO one fell out except for me and someone else, and I know you pushed us both out.