Thursday, December 24, 2009

The CHewy visits

Chewy came to visit this week. She was supposed to fly out from SLC but I threw a fit and demanded that she stay with me for a few days. Chewy brinds out the food in me. I had the makings for worlds best carmel in my fridge for 2 weeks but was scared to make it due to my weakness when it comes to carmel consumption management.But chewy has a was of taking all the fear out of me..cuz she always eats her half of things and then another half of my half.

So we decided to make carmel and eat it with Muppets Christmas Carol movie. All went well up until I went to transfer the pot across the kitche and dropped the whole dang pot!! I was sooo mad...2 weeks in waiting and THIS is what happened.

Here is what became of the carmel. All I could do was stare at it in dismay...and then throw out a Granny McD phrase to make me feel batter.

The other great part is the fact that I got some of the 230 degree carmel on my finger and burned it real good.
NOTE: vanilla extract is an INSTANT pain of burn remover. However for lasting pain removal make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply to burn. THen wrapy cold wet gauze around it to keep it moist.
My finger hurt real good...and of course I still had 20 Christmas cards to write on and send out.

Chewy always seems to make the best of you can see here. She decided that the top layer of carmel was still good for consumption. Such a Chewy thing to do.

I agreed and joined her. I also decided that at a temperature of 230..not too many harmful bacteria could withstand the heat and live. SO I ate up too.

Just one of our little escapades for the week.Thanks for coming to visit Chewy! love ya! love RONNIE


Miller Family said...

You are both SICK ! :) I have seen that floor! 230 deg can't kill EvErYthiNg! :) He he. Do you want pot holders for Christmas?

RONNIE said...

Ya...I had to buy new ones. The ones that I used were TOASTed in carmel..there was no chance on getting them back to new. Had to buy roomie new ones.