Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finished the Mirror!!

Here is hte mirror/opens into a jewelery box I bought off KSL for 60bucks!! I was wayyyyyy excited

Here is me sanding it. You can tell I am a respiratory therapist cuz I always cover my airways and keep my eye fully exposed. The good news is..this gave me the perfect reason to buy a sander!! I heart Power tools.

And here she is... all done. Not a good pic but I am too lazy to do a better one. You can't see the distressin I did on I took the next shot.

And here is a closeup of the distressed lookalike painting I did...this was my first time doing it and it's kinda scarey but so cool when done. I read about how to do it on a blog for 10 minutes the night before and just HAD to try it out!

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Miller Family said...

way cute. :) I like it. you did a great job.:) Now i have some pieces you can come and do. :)