Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have been wanting to go to the NFR since the first time i heard about it just a couple years ago. I Made it this year. It was great fun. Drove up with EMily, met up with Ashley and LIz. All people from my first year at BYUI! HEre are a few videos for your enjoyment.

The above event looks the funnest. I would SOOOO love doing that. Both Liz and I remembered the BEST FHE we had where we were put in a coral with a bunch o calves. If we could get the tag off their ear we got jerky. I was so excited because I was poor and couldn't afford jerky. WE jumped in the pin and I pounced on a calf, only to miss it and have another litterally run over my head. I got ahold of the next one and had him in a head lock when some scrawny kid took the tag!! I was the one holdin the cow and the jerk stole my tag and the jerky. Needless to say...that was the best FHE EVER!!!! Cow wrestlin is not easy.

Then there was the team ropin. So cool. The winning team roped in 3.3 seconds!! AMAZIN!!

There were more events but I don't have time to put them up quite yet. Just know that it was a Blast!!

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