Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Writem downs

Just decided to blog a few things....Writemdowns as I call them. Don't ask what that means cuz even I don't know.

1. I literally feel guilty when I spend money. I am getting better at it and it doesn't last as long but I do feel guilty when I buy things I want,and I pay a lot for them. That is why I must get a good deal on I don't feel guilty for it in the end.
2. When I get really stoked for something I squeel and shake like a cold chill when nobody is looking.
3. For some reason my sister BOBO is a natural laxative to me. Whenever she calls on the phone, I will have a bowel movement...doesn't matter if I am at work or home.
4. When I binge and I start chowing down on tons and tons of junk food, half way through I feel guilty. Most the time the guilt doesn't hit till the food is already in my mouth and I am eating it. So lots of times I will chew on it a bunch of times to get some the the flavor and then spit it in the garbage disposal.
5. I flex in the mirror
6. I hate using the treadmill at the gym because I can see my butt flap in the mirrors on the side....but I do it anyways...usually this is the vision I have before i spit my junk food down the the garbage disposal. LOL
7. I dream of a side business of restoring furniture and things for the home. And I always invision my friend JOJO as my partner. But I also fear that it would never work because I think I would want to keep everthing that I make and not sell it.
8. I am torn between the country and the city. I like thte city because it keeps me at an uptodate/state of the art hospital. But I love the country because it keeps me relaxed and at ease.
9. I fear being rich and fogetting my focus in life
10. My dream is the play the guitar and write music. I have always put it on hold however for school.
11. My most Favorite places to be are singing in a car, on a front porch swing, watching lightening or climbed atop a tree.
12. I also have always wanted to write childrens books...again, JOJO would be my illustrator in this dream.
13. I dream of owning my own house but am scared to commit to the city or the country.


Kristin Garlick said...

I loved reading your writemdowns. You are one fascinating woman.

simplysarah said...

Are you sure your butt flaps? I think it more likely that it flexes. Girl we know you're all muscle!

Shayla said...

Pretty sure that's my butt flapping. You can't tell 'cause you're between me and the mirror.

Miller Family said...

#2 more like a little chiwa wa that just peed a little on the carpet. :)

Jourdan said...

Had no clue I could make some of your wildest dreams come true... but you forgot to mention that I also have a handsome, single, very-available brother.

Unfortunately, going into any business would mean I'd have to hire you as the baby sitter. That wouldn't do at all.

Jourdan said...

p.s. I flex in the mirror too but have yet to be impressed with myself.

RONNIE said...

WEll ya know JO...I love your talent....and I figure if we are coworkers I can take credit for most of it.