Saturday, June 5, 2010

MOAB weekend

Got a call on my way back from Idaho last weekend. Andy said they were rafting the river in Moab and that I was going. I couldn't argue with that. So I got home at 5pm and left for Moab at 530.

We camped out and the next morn we picked up this little danty raft. Wasn't quite what we pictured but we didn't much care.

Here is 3 of us all barely fitting on the raft. There was actually 4 of us but just 3 in this picture. I brought my wet suit and it is a good thing I did cuz I was the only girl so I got picked on and thrown into the water more times than needed.

We also did some rock climbing and I did a little rock and sun bathing while I was at it to finish it all off. A great little get away indeed.

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