Saturday, June 5, 2010

Idaho the beloved

Went to IDaho last weekend...mostly to visit this kid. We had a good ol relaxed time together. We had some army men adventures (see facebook). We ate, shopped, bugged BOBO, ran and went for long walks. It was great.

Amoung all the fun I had nearly forgotten my most favorite part of Idaho (besides all the amazingly hot men) was the fields behind the school. I took a drive back in them just to remember it all and take it in.

This is where I would go on a bad day. This is where I would go on a good day.

This is where I came to ball my eyes out and find solace when I foundout one morning that I was suppposed to go on a mission.

This is where I gained the strength to do it.

I just can't get enough of the pure beauty of this land. I called it the potatoes fields...but I am not sure what he really grows here. All I know is that it is the one of the most beautiful places I have been...and it makes me never want to leave. Paradise.

PLEASE NOTE: The color in these pictures are NOT enhanced. Isn't that amazing!

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