Wednesday, June 16, 2010

March, April and May Showers bring late June flowers

HEre are a few more reasons I LOVE love love the new galore!!I am almost in heaven....(I just need an acre more to plant dahlias and THEN I would be in heaven).

THis is the front hedge o roses. This made possible by way of Shayla. Pretty sure most of the thorns on these bushes have layers of Shaylas skin cells on them. She pruned these beauties and sacrificed her own brown skin to do it.

Here are some o the roses in the front...way prettier than my picture taking abilities/

Our HUGE Peonies. The buds are almost as pretty as the flowers. Huge bud ready to BURST at the seams like me after steak dinner.

MOre Rose

Still to come my screaming deal on Lillys (75% off at lowes).I planted these bulbs early...despite the snow....can't wait to reap the rewards!!

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Shayla said...

wahooo!! thanks for the shout out! My beautiful brown skin cells...scarred for life.