Wednesday, September 21, 2011


FAVORITE FLOWER: DAHLIA So I planted some in 3 planter boxes and I painted and decored so I could have some form of plant life at the new place. I actually wanted to grow my own flowers for my wedding but they came around MUCH too late.

So I go to my planters and only ONE of the three has buds. This really errked me cuz they had 100% miracle grow dirt and lots of watering care on my part. The kind where I get into bed, (fully tucked mind you) and than I would remember I hadn't watered them and get OUT OF BED to water them.

So yesterday I was mad....Only ONE of the THREE planter boxes has buds on it. I decided to put my foot down right then and there. So I stopped watering the other two planters. I decided I would teach them lesson. They don't produce flowers...and I let them die of thirst and sortch to death....that will show them.

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John and Tawnya Hoover said...

yeah maybe youre right, you should wait to have kids... cuz if you didnt water them... yikes!