Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving up on decorations

Just for the record...I am giving up the ghost on decorations. I had started collecting them while I was single assuming one day I wouldn't be able to. Well that day has come. I got out my fall leaves last week and looked around the house only to realize I had no place to put them or decorate. These were my options

The bedroom ( then again, what is the point?)
The coat rack ( that looks ridiculous)
The kitchen table ( get in the way)
The couch ( I am getting desperate)

So ya..the only place that exsists is around the tv. I had to laugh. I really should post a picture of it. Pathetic, but I was desperate to celebrate a little seasonal goodness. I think I need to just come up with a seasonal screen saver to put on my computer so I can enjoy the seasons and have room for it. Beause lets be honest..the only room we have in our aparment would be about a megabites worth. lol


simplysarah said...

What about the FRIDGE? ;)

Miller Family said...

ha ha! I can take the carolers of your hands for a few years. . . . wait what am I thinking I should have asked Richeal. :) I will just text HIM! :)