Friday, September 23, 2011


So back when I lived with roommates.

We had this pair of thong underwear that would get passed around. Basically it was an ongoing prank where the underwear would show up in a random someones purse, cereal box, scriptures etc. Well one day I got the thong underwear and after stewing for a few days I came up with the perfect way to surprise the next recipient.....

I was absolutely giddy at the thought. I couln't wait to see the expression of ther person who got it next.

You would think the hardest part would be gettin the thong to fit in the cupcake...but the hardest part was NOT looking suspicious when I randomly made a batch of cupcakes..."just because." (cuz they all know I HATE HATE hate to cook). So I did what any girl would do and I blammed it on a wierd period craving. Then I left them on the counter for free reign.

ANd then it took FOREVER for them to get eaten. For some reason everyone in the house was being "good" and not eating junk. Until seriously EVERY cupcake had been eatin except ONE!! Ya...ONE left and of course it was the ONE with the thong in it.

Till one day it was gone and the last person to take it was Britney...she took it to work. I was so excited to hear the story when she came home. But when Britney came home that story. So I gave it one more day. Perhaps she was saving it for the next day and it was still at work.
Or perhaps she gave it to a co worker!....or a client!... or her boss!!! Oh how I laughed and laughed at the thought. This could be even BETTER than I planned!!!

After the second day and no word I cornered Britney and after some prying she admitted that she did take the cupcake to work and got the surprise of a life time! lol. She said it "made her day."

And to this day..the legacy continues and the thong underwear is still in full force being passed around but I doubt anyone will even be able to top the legacy of the thong that I left behind.


Miller Family said...

I am pretty sure that Richael is thinking that he is a roommate and would like the game to continue - if even between him and you!

Shayla said...

Little do you know...we hid it in your stuff when you moved out. Let us know when you find it!!

RONNIE said...

NO way....I don't believe ya. If I have not found it yet...I will never.