Friday, April 18, 2008

The nickname

Erin asked me what BLUE L.S.S. stood for and I figured I ought to explain what exactly she stands for and how it came is really pretty simple.
For the common car buff like myself....we all know that SS stands for super sport. You can find it on some of the finest, sexiest cars ever made....such as the Malibu, the Chevelle, the Nova and the list goes on. Many of these cars made their appearance in the 60's and hold a special place in my heart.
Well, the blue L.S.S. holds a special place in my heart too...but in a different, love your ugliest child sort of way. So I felt it appropriate to grant her a name and so the BLUE L.S.S. was born. But instead of it standing for super sport it stands for
Blue Little Super Sh*t. Because that is what she is...a little super powered terd....and I love her!

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