Friday, April 4, 2008

The relationship turns Ugly

Sojust as soon as I started praising Blue L.S.S. the relationship turns ugly. It all occured the day after I drove home with "Christmas lights for head lights." I knew that she couldn't tucker another drop forward till I got her a new alternator. SO good owner that I am I got an alternator at the store..and thinking about it I felt quite dumb because I bought the super expensive alternator rather then the downgrade which is sure to last longer then her anyways.
So I thought it was going to be an easy fix...and it was...all except for the removal. I popped alternator-old right out in no time...but getting the alternator out was another story....
I tried to pass it through the bottom..too small. I tried to pull it through the top...too small. Then I saw the perfect opening! The only thing standing between me and a job well done was a single sounded simple...right up until I tried to loosen that bolt. I grabbed my trusty tools to loosen the bolt...won't budge. I tried to WD40 the bolt...won't budge. I tried cussing at the bolt...won't budge. I called a buff boy to help move the bolt...won't budge. I tried putting a 3 foot PVC pipe on my rachet for leverage...won't budge. I tried cussing at the bolt...won't budge.I kicked her bumper with my foot....won't budge. I screamed and grimaced while trying to bust the bolt loose...won't budge. I tried cussing...won't budge..then I just cussed anyways.

I really thought this was the end...I thought this was were out relationship would end. I talked out loud to her about the nice truck I would be buying to replace try and make her jealous. Then I left to my soccor game and I left little blue in the garage to think about her actions and to reconsider the consequences.

Right HERE i would like to put a big thanks for ERIN who let me borrow her car multiple times during the Blue L.S.S. coma state. It was about 12 midnight that I was driving back from my soccor game that my hamster wheel couldn't stop turning...I just HAD to get that alternator out.

So once again I got under my car in the garage around 1am and after few angery words and a few adjustments with the HAMMER...I moved a few things and low and behold around 1:30 AM the little Blue gave birth to the most beautiful alternator I had ever seen!! I was sooooo extactic. I was holding that alternator like a new born baby and running around shouting "WHoo HOO I ROCK...I KNEW I could do it....I ROCK." At the top of my lungs all alone in the garage. It truely was a beautiful thing.


So it was the next morning and just 45 min later that the new alternator was put into place and me and blue have been running around like old buddies again. It was our first big fight and somehow it made our relationship stronger. We both learned not to take each other for granted any more and to treat each other better.

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