Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shootin pigeons

FOr some reason Christine was really hestitant to take this picture for me. It took about 5 "I promise there are no bullets in this" and 5 "My finger is not on the trigger" convincings for her to take it. But now, looking at it from her view, I understand why.

So here is an old pic from last summer that was quite comical. I went shooting with my friends Christine, Jared and Josh. After driving around all morning I got the job of carrying the "clay pigeons." Now mind you...I have never been shooting before..at least not with "clay pigeons." So I had no idea what that ment. I thought they were little birds that spring up in the air and you shot them, like on the old Nintendo game Duckhunt. I thought they sprang up on their own somehow and they were in the shape of little bird. Yeah, well I was wrong and this is how I found out in the form of a converstion here it goes.
Jared: Hay ROnnie can you carry this box of pigeons
ME: Of course, I can carry two, they don't weigh that much.
Jared: Are you sure?
I of course roll my eyes and start trecking off with two boxes of clay pigeons showing just how independent and buff I am. Then right as I get to our shooting destination I slapp those boxes down on the ground and hear a very unexpected clatter
Jared:(all up in arms) What are you doing? You just broke all of those pigeons. Those are fragile. Can't you read the box it says "fragile as eggs."
ME: Oops. I had no idea. They probably aren't that bad.
About this time I open up the boxes to find a box of shattered clay...that looked just like a bunch of egg shells in a box and I gasp.

Jared: I can't believe you just did that! They are no good now.
ME: Well I had no idea! I don't know what clay pigeons are. And NO I don't read every box before I pick it up to know that it is "fragile as eggs."
About this time I am trying to convince everyone that I didn't spoil all the fun and I try to a piece of fragmented pigeon into the air for someone to shoot but as you can imagine that didn't work well at all. It worked about as well as throwing a dandelion into the air to shoot at.

So yeah, it was a memmorable event and now I know what a clay pigeon is, and I think it is a dumb name and they should be called fragile frisbees instead.

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