Thursday, August 28, 2008


Was going through my AFRICA journal and came across this conversation with my friend
NICOLE: I have to be careful with these books becauase they aren't mine
ME: We may need those books if we run out of toilet paper. You must be willing to donate them if needed
NICOLE: No worries, that is what I brought this Ensign for


Jourdan said...

What!? You live in Murray? Duuuude.

I'm gonna can peaches in a week or so, so come help me! I'll even pick up some extra peaches for ya if you bring your own cansm then youy can take them home!

Do you still use your weber email address? I need to email you...

Shayla said...


RONNIE said...

JO, let me know the canning date...but I won't can any I like them raw. But if you get some for me I will love you like the friend you never were!!! My preferred email is ronnie400@gmail