Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kite flyin....from the car of course

Gentry and I were shopping one day and ran across these little friendly kites for 88cents and just couldn't pass them up. Actually...there were supposed to be part of a wedding present for Er and Ryan but we decided to keep them for ourselves because they are a pain to wrap. I chose SPIDERMAN....Gent got Hanna Montana. (lame)

of course it didn't take long for me to desire a fast higher means of kite flying and it wasn't long b4 we were flying kites from the good ol blue l.s.s. Most of that footage can be found via camcorder but it wasn't quite what I envisioned. The little kites weren't much for 40 mph winds.

But good ol Gent got the gang scooters out and they were perfect for kite flying!!!
That WAS perfect....til Jillian flew Hanna into a tree. Of course Jillian thought it was funny...but it wasn't ....that was Gentrys unemployed 88cents hanging there!!

of course everyone looks at me for help.
So I provided emergency relief.

And here are the kites once again safe.....except for the one that Jillian is holding.

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Miller Family said...

That tree is beautiful! Just don't see things like that here! :)

Liked the projects too! But 12 bucks is WAY too much for the recipie cards holder - but good luck maybe you will find a sucker!