Friday, May 22, 2009


So I made it...the Summer TO DO list....not going to's quite selfish...and yet oh so fulfilling!!!

Water Ski
Tube Tunnel
Tooele Demolition Durby
Blackfoot Demolition Durby
Heber Demolition
Carribean Cruise (June)
Mt Bike
Raging Waters
Season Pass (May)
Tube Provo River
Repell/Rock Climb
Rent Jet Ski for Day

Jackson Hole (June)
White Water Raft (July)
Make Peach Goolash with JoJO
Cach Valley
Car Show
Wendover Car Show (June)
Buy House
Finish Jesus the
Swear Less
IF anyone wants to do any of the following with me just let me know and we can plan it! Its going to be a GREAT summer!!


Jourdan said...

NICE LIST! If I were a human being, I'd join you. The YW/YM are tubing the provo river July 7th and I'm in charge. PLease join me and my whaleness if you please.

DO you like cherries? I'm buying a box and pitting them in June sometime (and then shortly consuming the entire 20 lbs.). i hear they work great as a substitute for castor oil.

Jourdan said...

PS. I just finished my last frozen goolash. I am SOO SAD! And the real hot weather hasn't even gotten here yet. I am obsessed with eating it as a slushy.

simplysarah said...

mountain biking and river tubing (plus rafting, of course) - I'm in.

sorry i didn't invite you last sunday - I wasn't sure if you would consider biking sunday appropriate? but if you do.......

Shayla said...

count me in for Provo river tubing and swearing less. ("Crap" will be considered my swear word, I really gotta stop saying that!)

Miller Family said...

There is no way in )*&^% that you are going to make the last goal. No way at all! You think you are too funny when you do. I actually tried to tell a story the other day and just use say "sh" instead of using the word, yeah the story blew and I have told it many a times, it just needs the whole thing! :)

RONNIE said...

I didn't say omit swearin....I just said use it less.